To learn more about this specific trip, go to www.rideagainsthunger.org. To learn more about me go to www.kyleaskine.com.

Below is a little blurb about me and my trip.

I sort of get a chuckle when I begin struggling for words and just say ‘mostly through the north’ after I talk about going up the west coast. What I really wanted to say was that I have no idea how I will get across the country. I will probably end up in Idaho and Montana in the beginning, but beyond that, I will see which way the wind blows me.

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  • Casey says:

    Hey Kyle,

    I found myself on your site after finding it within a CL posting, you where selling a bike at the time.

    I find your trip exciting for more reasons than one but mostly because you don’t really have a reason or a solid plan of attack and that’s what I like.

    I don’t do Facebook or Twitter but will be following you as much as I can.

    Take it easy and stay safe, make sure to carry enough tubes.


  • john rael says:

    Hey Kyle,

    I’m the Starbucks guy that you gave your card to. Love the site! As I said before, my ultimate vacation would be biking across america. At least from LA to Denver, anyways.

    Thanks for the inspiration,

  • Mat Bryant says:

    Just got on board with your site. What a great idea. I wish you luck and I’ll keep an eye on your progress to see if I can catch up with you somewhere along the way.

  • noemi says:

    Hi, I came across your website through Mapquest videos of Big Sur and was very excited to come across your adventures. I am planning a trip to Big Sur and other areas, but haven’t a clue where to start. Reading your blogs have given a starting point. I love your pictures with your stories, how about a movie? Keep safe, will be following.

    • Kyle Askine says:

      I don’t really have the skills for that, but there is probably enough raw video that someone with skills could put something together with a narrator or something. I wouldn’t rule it out.

      Thanks for the words, and if you have any questions about any of the coast feel free to ask.


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