When I first started planning this ride I wanted to do it for Charity, and so I did a lot of research. Below is the result of that research. I will never push anyone to donate, but it is a great cause and a great charity. Just because you don’t hear about starvation doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, and of the world’s great problems, it seems like the easiest one to fix. All we need is a little money and some big thinking.

The charity I am doing this ride for is Action Against Hunger. I went online, and looked for the highly ranked charities that were internationally focused. I then went to and saw that Action Against Hunger had an A+ rating, very rare. They are also highly rated on This means that money that is raised for them will actually go to people who need it, and not into the administration’s wallets. World hunger is a large problem, especially with the rising costs of food, and is maybe the most worthy cause I can think of.

If you would like to donate to Action Against Hunger in support of my ride, go to

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