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I have been asked by people how they can help me out. Well, I don’t want your money (if you must give money, give it to my charity, and people who really need it) and I don’t plan on adding advertisements or anything like that, at least not any time soon.

However, you can help me in several ways. The easiest way to help is to tell people about my site and my ride. The more people that read my side, the likelier that I will keep my trip going after returning home in August (the Northeast may or may not happen in September). More people following also makes it more fun for everyone to have conversations in the forums and comments.

If you live on my route, you can help me by giving me a place to crash for a night, or just a place to take a shower. Alternatively if you want to meet up for lunch on my route, that would be great too. Just be warned Taco Bell and McDonald’s may be the only things in my budget. I love meeting people interested in the trip.

I want to thank everyone who follows along. Updating the website takes a lot of time but every nice email and comment makes it worthwhile.


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